History Society

St Hugh’s has a thriving community of historians, with one of the largest cohorts out of any colleges in the university. This enables us to create an accessible and supportive space, with a significant interchange of ideas both within and between the year groups. A significant role played by the history society is in facilitating these support networks, of which the ‘parent-child’ relationship is perhaps the most obvious.

St Hugh’s History Society is well known for hosting a number of social events, in which the historian community of the college is brought together. These include the famous ‘Freshers Curry’, as well as the Leavers Dinner. Moving forward, the society has aspirations to host a number of talks, working with the academic staff here at Oxford, and other college societies with similar interests.

President: Georgia Bowens (georgia.bowens@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk)
Treasurer: Ben Philips
Secretary: Harrison Engler