Pudding Society

This society is currently on hiatus.

Welcome to St Hugh’s Pudding Society!

PudSoc is a society dedicated to the cooking and eating of divine desserts with fellow pudding lovers. Whether you love to cook, are interested in learning new recipes or simply want to feast on pudding this society is perfect for you!

We PudSoccers have one event every fortnight which will usually be one of our famous ‘Cook-Ups’. Together, we cook two or more fantastic recipes in the kitchens of Maplethorpe¬†Building, drink tea and banter as they bake and then feast on the resulting perfect puds until you cannot squeeze in one more crumb. Our puddings are renowned for being absolutely delicious and the recipes are always carefully chosen to make sure everyone enjoys them and they are well within the skill range of the group.

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You will need to bring a mug and £1 to every PudSoc event. The fee covers ingredients and equipment costs; we are strictly not-for-profit and do what we do purely for the love of pudding.
Your PudSoc Head Chefs are:
Daniel de Wijze and Savannah Lord