Routine maintenance issues should be written down in the maintenance book kept in the Porters’ Lodge. Repairs should be carried out within 2 working days, or have a note written to explain why this is not possible. College have produced a Code of Practice, listing our entitlements in return for payment of the Maintenance Charge. It is a useful guide as to what services you should expect.You may also like to refer to your Tenancy Agreement, which details College’s responsibilities, and your rights.

If you have a complaint regarding the Domestic Services in college, particularly regarding a breach of the Code of Practice, there is a Complaints Procedure which was designed to rapidly resolve any problems as they arise. These are available online. You can also of course contact the JCR Vice-President, who will liaise with College on your behalf.

If you have any problems with scouting, or even if you want to let college know how fantastic your scout is, please e-mail with your name and where you live.

The JCR Vice-President can also be contacted to talk about domestic arrangements.