Access & Academic Affairs

Jessy McCabe

Hi, I’m Jessy and I’m your AccAff for 2018! I’m a 2nd year musician, but probably more known to you for spamming the JCR with all the access and outreach events happening here at Hugh’s and the wider university.

My role includes:

Access – aiming to encourage those from less ‘traditional’ Oxford backgrounds to consider applying here; this includes coordinating Hugh’s students to give tours, pushing for College to hold more access events, and encouraging JCR involvement in various access schemes across the university.

Academics – representing Hughsies if there are issues with tutors, lecturers or departments. This includes ensuring collection timetables are sent out and chasing up delayed collection feedback. I also sit on Academic Committee with College and represent our opinions as a collective JCR.

Stop me around college or send me an email below if you have any questions, concerns or ideas – I’m always happy to talk about access!

And if you’re a prospective applicant to St Hugh’s and are interested in learning more about life at Oxford, take a look at our alternative prospectus:

AccAff Feedback Form