Naomi Hirst

I’m Naomi, a second year Law student from Southampton. As your charities rep, I’m here to help with organising charitable events, fundraising and volunteering. If you want to organise your own event for charity (or want to raise money but are not sure how to do so) get in touch and I will do everything I can to help! I aim to keep people informed about volunteering opportunities as often people don’t have money to give but most people have an hour or so a week to spare! I will be sending out weekly reminders about low commitment volunteering with enough information to make it as easy as possible! In Trinity 2017 and over the long vac, I’ll be organising the Michaelmas St Hugh’s RAG Ball, with a committee, so please consider applying to get involved, great experience and all for a great cause. We hold charities election each term for termly and annual charities. You can nominate any charity and simply have to do a small hust as to why it’s important to support it. This is voted on online and is such a little amount of effort for an amazing outcome for an important cause! Finally, I sort out termly charity formals so please let me know if you would like your charity to be supported for this or just go along to one!!

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