Director of Digital Operations

Jack Miller

Hey Hughsies! I’m Jack, a second-year Experimental Psychologist from Richmond, Virginia. As DoDO, my main responsibilities are to:
-update the JCR Facebook page with the week’s hall menu
-manage and update the JCR website
-repair the JCR printers (in the JCR and in RTB)
-look after the PS4 and the JCR TV

I also want to help market college to students with fun termly recap videos of JCR events! Want something to be added to the JCR website or want me to film something around college? Feel free to contact me on social media, in person, or using the fun form below! #tech

DoDO Feedback Form

History of the DoDO
Hannah Choi – 2017
Daniel de Wijze – 2016
Kit Garnett – 2015
Chandon Chahal – 2014
Harry Touche – 2013
Anthony Breach – 2012
Robert Hickman – 2011
Declan Stock – 2010
George Ryall – 2009
Pip Millington – 2008
Ajay Ahluwalia – 2007
Praveen Pilai – 2006
Laurence Blaxter – 2005
Ste Grycuk – 2004
Chongo (Tom Inglis) – 2003
Tom Bull (Website Rep) – 2002
Tom Harris – 2001