Environment & Ethics

Jiaqi Li

Hey there! My name is Jiaqi Li. Currently I am a 2nd year studying Engineering Science, and can be found sipping soft drinks at BOPs, or observing the lifestyle of squirrels/magpies in the gardens. I’ve lived in Shanghai, my hometown, throughout the majority of my life, and spent my high school years in Düsseldorf, a beautiful German city alongside the Rhein. It is my honour to serve as your EnE Rep in 2019. I am determined to fight for well-being, sustainability, and fairness here at Hugh’s. Here are my three areas of focus, and current projects for which I am working on:

• Health and Food: ensure well-balanced and tasty meals for all eating styles in Hall (Food & Hall Survey!)
• Sustainable Development: raise awareness for Climate Change & make recycling easy and accessible (supporting the Hugh’s Climate Justice Campaign; will represent the JCR in
meetings to promote ethical investment)
• Humanitarianism and Initiative: work with Charity and Entz to host fun fundraising events such as the EnE Garden Party (in the making…)

I would love to hear from you about new EnE ideas and changes you’d like to see. Feel free to message me with suggestions, or just to have a chat! Together we can make 2019 an even greener and more be(hugh)tiful year @ Hugh’s! 🍀


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