Morayo Adesina

Hey guys, I’m Morayo and I am the 2018-9 Freshers’ Rep. I’m a first year Classicist from London (some may beg to differ but I firmly believe Croydon is in London). I don’t do too much outside of work, which for this role is actually a good thing because I’m pretty much always available for a chat or for help/advice if you need it! So please don’t hesitate in contacting me! It can honestly be about anything whether you need serious advice or something far more trivial (I like to talk (perhaps too much) so believe me, I will always be up for it).

This year, I’ll be supporting the rest of my peers in my year to the best of my ability and make sure that any concerns they have are raised in the JCR. I’ll also be organising a Refreshers event to help them relive that oh so good time in Freshers’ Week.

Maybe even more excitingly, I’ll be looking after next year’s Freshers as they start to find their feet in university life for the first time. Alongside the Freshers’ Sub Committee, I will be putting together welcome packs containing all of the necessary information on College Life, as well as the uni in general just so that people can feel a little more clued up about things before they arrive. I’ll also be organising College Families to ensure that all entrants are contacted and welcomed by their current first year parents just to make them feel that little bit more at home in Hugh’s. I’m hoping Freshers’ Week will be a big success and one that will be unforgettable (For good reasons only lol), and can’t wait to meet everyone next year!

Whether you’re a current fresher or a new one coming into college, you can contact me through the email below, or on social media or literally just come to my room for a chat! 😊

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