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Hi! My name’s Elise, and I’m the LGBTQ Rep for the JCR. I’m a second-year English student (I like the Anglo-Saxons a bit too much), and I co-edit the JCR newspaper, The Swan, with the JCR Secretary, Curtis. I’m pansexual, my gender is non-binary, and my pronouns are they/them.

My job is basically to represent the needs and concerns of the undergraduate LGBTQ community within college, and help with these in any way that I can.

Sometimes this means just being available to have a cup of tea and a chat, offer some advice, and point you in the right direction; at other times, the best course of action might be to contact a member of staff about an institutional issue, tackle a queerphobic incident, set up and maintain welfare funds, or help to get something discussed or passed at JCR meetings.

I work quite closely with the JCR Welfare Reps, which is especially important considering queer people are unfortunately less likely to feel safe and confident at university and more likely to consider suicide (according to the NUS, OUSU and Stonewall). But, both the Welfare Reps and I can point you to helplines and services if and when you need them: there’s no shame in reaching out, and we’re more than happy to help.

I also sit on the Welfare and Equal opportunities committee, along with reps from other marginalised groups, to make sure college isn’t treating anybody unfairly because of their gender, sexuality, race, nationality, disability, age, or parental status.

My duties also include running various events throughout term, such as welfare teas and pre-drinks, so let me know if there’s particular event you’d like to see run!

I’m really friendly, love meeting new people, and strengthening the LGBTQ community and its individual members makes me really happy. I also came up with the hashtag #ViciouslyCaringCollege to describe St Hugh’s and it’s been used at least 3 times now so I’m really big on making sure Hugh’s helps out those in need. So, if you have any concerns as an LGBTQ Hughsie, I really hope you’ll feel free to come to me (you can do this, among other methods, by emailing me at and we can try sort it out.

Hughsie Love,

Elise xoxo

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