Ro Green

Hi, I’m Ro. I’m your LGBT+ rep, a transgender man and a second year biologist. In this role I will run the Fresher’s LGBT+ 101 workshops, run at least 2 JCR events a term (drinks/speakers/art/other excitement) to promote discussion and understanding of LGBT issues in college and to make LGBT members of the JCR feel as welcome as I possibly can and work with the treasurer to allocate the JCR transition fund available to cover costs involved in transition e.g. train fares to doctors appointments or clothing etc. I will walk down with anyone wanting to attend Trans welfare/queer drinks/ other events with the university wide LGBT society.  I’ve identified as the L, B and T from LGBT so that’s 75% which is a solid first class degree. Although it’s obviously not necessary to share someone’s identity in order to empathise with their situation I do think that my personal journey gives me a fairly wide perspective.

I’m so excited to throw myself into this role so HMU with any questions or requests for LGBT themed events ❤️💛💚💙💜

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