Emma O’Callaghan

Hello I’m Emma, and I’m your JCR President for 2019!

I’m a second year History student from Wimbledon. My favourite activities here at Oxford include representing Hugh’s on the football pitch and gracing Bridge with my dance moves.  

The purpose of the JCR is to make your life at Hugh’s easier, better and more enjoyable. In this context, my job is to help my committee realise their projects, and maintain a good working relationship with College. This means that if you ever have any questions or projects, please do not hesitate to contact me or any other member of the JCR Committee.

Below are a few of the things I’ll be getting up to as your JCR President:

JCR Committee Meetings

Every week I chair meetings of the JCR committee. We discuss the issues facing our common room and report on the various initiatives being worked on by each officer.

Every other week we hold a general JCR meeting, in the JCR, which we encourage everyone to attend. This is the forum where many of the real decisions are made; you can approve or reject the proposals of the committee as you see fit, as well as submitting motions yourself on any JCR-related matter. Come to have your voice heard, enjoy the direct democracy, and grab your share of the free food!

JCR Emails

I receive a lot of emails from college, companies, Oxford societies and a huge host of others throughout the week. After acting as a human spam filter, every Sunday I’ll be sending out an email to the JCR with the highlights, alongside some stuff from me.


Every other week I go to Prescom, a meeting of all the JCR Presidents from across Oxford, where we discuss University-wide initiatives and exchange ideas about how best to run the JCR. This connects the college closely to University life and helps me discover new ways in which we can improve our own JCR.

Oxford SU Council

This is effectively an Oxford University-wide JCR meeting organised by the Oxford SU. The JCR Secretary (Oscar Baker) and I attend this once every two weeks, discussing and voting upon University wide student matters.


The JCR has representation on a number of college committees where myself, alongside other committee members, will be going to represent the student voice in college affairs. As well as attending committees I’ll be regularly seeing the college Bursar, Dean and others, meaning I can make sure that college’s decisions are always made with the JCR’s perspective in mind.

We’ve got a lot of exciting projects coming up this year. I’m very excited to have such a great team working alongside me and to see what surprises are in store for us!

President Feedback Form


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