Curtis Crowley

Secretary - Curtis Crowley pic

Hi, I’m Curtis, a 2nd year classicist from Cornwall and I’m the 2017 JCR Secretary.

I’m in charge of all the administrative aspects of the committee and working with other committee members to ensure everything runs smoothly. My guiding principle will be to help make sure every member of the JCR feels welcome, informed and supported to participate in and get the most out of our small but precious slice of student democracy here at St Hugh’s.

I have outlined the main aspects of my role as Secretary below:

JCR meetings happen fortnightly four times per term on odd weeks. If you have an idea of a motion that represents the JCR and would be beneficial to its members, feel free to submit it to me and I will include it in the agenda. Any JCR student can submit one and feel the thrill of democracy in motion, however if you’re unsure about how to tackle one, there’s a guide on how to write motions on the JCR website.

If you want any clarifications or help, feel free to shoot me an email!

I write and distribute the minutes for all the JCR and JCR committee meetings. The minutes will all be uploaded to the JCR website here.

I keep and (more importantly) defend the most up-to-date version of the JCR Constitution and Appendices. I’ll be happy to answer any questions related to those, although even I sometimes get lost in the plethora of Appendices. You can find the JCR Constitution and Appendices here.

St Hugh’s gets three votes at Oxford University Student Union council meetings, and together with Ana, the President, I’ll be representing our college at them. We’ll report back to the JCR on any notices, as well as submit motions and amendments voted for submission at our JCR meetings. Any other JCR member is welcome to take up the third vote at any OUSU council meeting, so if you’d like to, just let us know!

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