Oscar Baker

Hey,I’m Oscar, the Sec of St Hugh’s JCRfor 2019. I’m a second year Historystudent from south London. Since coming to Oxford, I’ve had a great time getting involved in student media like Cherwell, all the while trying to forge a long-suffering sporting career at St. Hugh’s, with varying levels of success! Catch me on the cricket field in the summer, on the bench throughout the long winter football season and be sure to check out the newly-designed JCR noticeboard for more Committee info…!

Essentially, my role involves JCR democracy and administration. I look after all such administrative aspects of the Committee, make sure we work in line with the Constitution, and work with the Independent Chair and Returning Officer to make sure the JCR runs as smoothly as possible. I also run the Travel Grants application process and attend Oxford SU Council with Emma, so we’re in touch with colleges across Oxford.

The JCR should always be welcoming, accessible and inclusive to all of its members, and everyone should feel able to express their opinion or raise an issue. Do send me a message at any point, drop in to the JCR motion surgery on Saturday mornings fortnightly or come along to a JCR meeting some time soon. If you ever have a query as to how the JCR runs, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


The key aspects of my role as Sec are as follows:

JCR meetings happen fortnightly four times per term on odd weeks. If you have an idea of a motion that represents the JCR and would be beneficial to its members, feel free to submit it to me and I will include it in the agenda. Any JCR student can submit one, however if youre unsure as to how, theres a guide on how to write motions on the JCR website. I make sure we hold inclusive and varied debate, ensuring everyone can be heard. If you’d like to raise anything as to how to do this better, get in touch at any point! If you want any clarifications or help with motions, feel free to shoot me an email too.

I write and distribute the minutes for all the JCR and JCR committee meetings. The minutes will all be uploaded to the JCR website here.

I keep and (more importantly) defend the most up-to-date version of the JCR Constitution and Appendices. Ill be happy to answer any questions related to those, although even I sometimes get lost in the plethora of Appendices. You can find the JCR Constitution and Appendices here.

Oxford SU
St Hughs gets three votes at Oxford University Student Union council meetings, and together with Emma, the President, Ill be representing our college at them. Well report back to the JCR on any notices, as well as submit motions and amendments voted for submission at our JCR meetings. Any other JCR member is welcome to take up the third vote at any Oxford SU council meeting, so if youd like to, just let us know!




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