Vice President

Alice Worsley

Hi, I’m Alice, a second year Human Scientist from London and I’m the JCR VP for 2019. My main roles are to do with food and accommodation, so that’s anything from the pretty hefty task of organising the room ballot, to sending out the formal menu each week, to trying to stop the rats from taking over Wolfson.

If you’ve got a problem with your room, the Maintenance Request form ( is a really easy way to get things fixed quickly, otherwise just let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Another useful thing to have is the mattress booking form (, where you can book the JCR’s air mattress for a couple of nights – that’s now organised by the DoDo, Leon Sui.

Any other queries/concerns/exciting news to share etc just send me a message or stop me in the corridor- I’m always more than happy to chat! xx

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