Applying to St Hugh’s

work-work-workIf you’re interested in applying to Oxford and would like to know more about St. Hugh’s and college life then have a look through the Prospectus on the college website under ‘admissions’. A student’s-eye-view of some of the same things can be found in the Alternative Prospectus, detailing the accommodation available at St. Hugh’s, the financial commitments of being a student and also a few of the many things that go on in college besides essay writing. There are two versions of the alternative prospectus – one produced by Oxford SU and one produced by the students here at St. Hugh’s. Both provide valuable insight into college life and are definitely worth checking out.

For more general information about Oxford at a University level and the application procedure check out the Oxford University website, where you can order a paper copy of the University prospectus or browse online.

Hopefully there is enough information here to answer your questions about coming to Oxford and most importantly, to encourage you to apply (it isn’t actually anywhere near as scary as the paperwork makes it seem!).

If you have any further questions about college life or the application procedure or if you would like to arrange to visit the college then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the St. Hugh’s Admissions and Outreach Officer.

The Officer (currently Mr Luke Jackson-Ross) can offer tours and answer any admissions-related questions and can be found at:
Tel: 01865 (2)74910

Alternatively you can talk to the Freshers Rep, Access and Academic Affairs Rep or any of the current students listed here.

You can take a virtual tour around the college here. Please note that there is now a building site where the tennis courts were!